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 GPA Calculator
GPA Calculator
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator
Use this calculator to find your term or cumulative GPA 
The most common formula is used to calculate the GPA. Keep in mind that your school might use a slightly different method.
Course No. Number of Credit Hours
[Quality Hours (QH)]
Letter Grade
(A,A-,B+,B, etc.)
Quality Points
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Course 5
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Course 10
Re-click the Calculate buttonswhenever you change the numbers entered into this calculator. Otherwise, your new numbers will NOT be factored into the GPA predictions and your results will be incorrect.
Predicted Current GPA
GPA Total No. of
[Quality Hours (QH)]
Grade Point Average
Total Quality Points
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To see how your Predicted Current GPA (above) will effect your Cumulative GPA (below), just enter your Cumulative Quality Hours (QH) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) as shown on your current transcript in the boxes below.
[Cumulative Quality Points (QP) will be Calculated by the GPA Calculator.]
Cumulative GPA
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Leave the boxes below empty and click Calculate button.
Predicted Cumulative GPA
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