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To be eligible to apply for an ADNOC Scholarship, the applicant should satisfy the following criteria when applying for the scholarship:  

Required Majors:   (* Specific majors approved for scholarship are subject to frequent change)

Basic Crieria 

  • UAE National
  • Major in Engineering
  • Medically fit
  • Successful interview
  • Applicant must undertake and agree to work with the ADNOC or any of the ADNOC Group Companies after graduation, for a time period equal to the duration of the Scholarship


 Criteria For Studying in UAE 

  • High School Certificate in the Science Stream, with average final examination results of not less than 80%
  • Minimum of 80% in all Science Subjects
  • Completed minimum one semester in the university (Petroleum Institute is excluded)
  • CGPA of 2.5 or higher

Criteria For Studying Abroad

  • High School Certificate in the Science Stream, with average final examination results of not less than 80%
  • Minimum of 80% in all Science Subjects
  • TOEFL Score of 80 or more/IELTS 6.0 minimum.
  • Acceptance letter from one of the accredited Universities. The applicant should qualify for entrance to a degree level program to an Engineering discipline.
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.0 to apply for Postgraduate Studies (Destination to U.S.A only)
  • Scholarship applications for study in the USA have the following ADNOC application deadlines: The Fall deadline is July 14, Spring Deadline is November 14.


Fellowship Program

Potential UAE Nationals who have completed their Bachelor Degree in an Engineering discipline from a reputable institution, with a keen interest and ability to become faculty can apply to this program.  It is mandatory that the student under this program completes the Master's and the PhD Degree. The aim of the program is to groom UAE Nationals to take up positions as faculty at the Petroleum Institute. In keeping with this objective, high caliber Scholars are developed so that not only are they academically fit to join PI as faculty, but their research interests coincide with the future goals of PI as well. 

Selection Criteria are:

  • UAE National
  • Admission into a reputable institution which ranks among the best twenty universities, in one of the specialties listed below
  • The candidates qualifications should be relevant to the four core PI disciplines, namely:
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Controles or Power)
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Petoleum Geosciences
  • Bachelor's Degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.5
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.5 on Master's degree level
  • Should have a strong desire and capability to pursue a career as a faculty member
  • Personal long-term objective to pursue research in areas that match ADNOC group business objectives
  • Experience gained, especially by working with the ADNOC Group of Companies would be an advantage
  • Medically fit
  • Successful interview

Applicants should also keep in mind that selection is based on whether there is a requirement in the chosen discipline or not.